How is Key logger important in growing business?

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Key logger, also known as Key Stroke logger helps to register each and every keystroke typed on a particular computer keyboard. It is a type of technology which came under surveillance.  A key logger is used to record the KeyStroke of illegal and cybercrime sites entered by your employees during office hours. It is also used by parents to know that when their children are using the internet and what sites are they visiting regularly. Radar360, the employee monitoring tracker software, also helps in recording the KeyStroke of employees.

A key logger is capable of recording websites that are being visited, conversations in messages and also chat programs, documents which have been accessed, applications which were used, and screenshots of PC activities, keystrokes activity, and monitoring of websites with questionable content. Caution should be taken before opening a file or emails sent by the name of an organization as it can contain the Key Logger which helps Hacker Key logger to hack the information. Radar360, tracking software has the Key logger facility that helps in recording what employees are typing during office hours.

How sending alerts and fake messages to employees stops cyber crime inside the office?

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Cybersecurity nowadays is an important feature in every company to secure important files and documents inside the office. Today hackers have become professional and hack in such a way so that nobody can be able to figure their identity. While the employees are doing some unethical or illegal work during office hours, they will get a message in the desktop mentioning someone is watching them and they will get alert and stop doing it. Radar360, an employee monitoring tracker helps to recognize the hackers in the same way.

Hacking is the process that refers to attempt the activities to compromise digital services such as a computer, mobile, and even the whole network. Hacking is always technical in nature but hackers mischievously use their psychology and tricks to get any attachment or personal data. This is one of the biggest issues of today’s world. Office security has become compulsory nowadays. The tool Radar 360 not only helps to secure data from prying eyes that are trying to access the important data but also keeps it safe from various malicious attacks.

Sending alerts and fake messages to employees while doing unethical and illegal work can save the company in making losses.

How to register employee faithfulness during office hours?

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Apart from his efficiency, an employee can be judged by his accountability. Expectations are there, that an employee can answer each and every question to the owner honestly. Radar360, an employee monitoring tracker send all the reports to check accountability as well as the honesty of an employee.

Employee’s loyalty deals with employee’s reputation and their growth. Cybersecurity acts as a watchdog in terms of Employee loyalty. All rules and regulations should be kept in mind by the employee. Radar360, tracker software helps in recording the activities of every employee.

How Locking of Important System –Level Options Helps in Business Productivity?

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Modern-day business without Computers is unthinkable. At the same time, it has become a target for illegal attacks. Cybersecurity in today’s world, have increased. Due to which office security related to computers has become compulsory in each and every business today. Radar360, an employee monitoring software, helps in lock features and sub-features of Microsoft Windows or MS-Office or other system-level applications to add more security inside the office. It is also a tracker software that stops employees from doing personal research during office time.

Every owner of a company should have a track on each and every activity done inside his office so that hackers cannot get any courage to hack important documents and files. Office Rules and regulations should be maintained by every employee. Nobody should try to unlock the important system to rotate it to the third party so that hacking gets easier for them. Locking the important system helps the company to secure important documents and files. Radar360, an employee tracking software can play a pivotal role in this issue.

How to get the details of email received and sent by the Employees to prevent any illegal activities inside the office?

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 In every organization or company, the owner has the right to monitor each and every employee in office hours with the computer system or other equipment. The owner can see each and every message and email sent or received by the employees that are work-related. Radar360, an employee monitoring software, helps to get the details of email sent or received by the employees during office hours. The owner can very much monitor each and every email sent or received by the employees during office hours.

Technology nowadays has made it possible that every owner should keep an eye on all the communications done inside the office by the employees. The owners take advantage of the tracker software to monitor employee’s activity and to get all the information about emails sent or received by them. Radar360, an employee tracking software, helps the company to monitor what happens inside the office and that too in-office hours.

Cybersecurity is becoming more important in today’s world. Hacking has become regular in every organization nowadays. The employees nowadays send emails with important documents of any company to the third person and these results, in loss of organization.  Here, Radar360, employee tracking software, can act as a preventive measure to stop this malpractice.

How to eliminate Data hacking, Computer Network Hacking and Email Hacking to increase business productivity?

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Hacking is the illegal process that refers to unauthorized intrusion into a computer, mobile or even a whole network. The unethical activities of hackers may change the system or security features completely to accomplish a goal that differs from the original purpose of the system. This is one of the biggest threats to today’s world. Here comes the importance of the Radar360, employee activity tracker. It eliminates the risk of data hacking, email hacking, computer, and network hacking. This powerful anti-hacking system is in-built in Radar360.

Hackers can find vast information of any organization by searching the web and can use the information for exploiting the weakness of any institution or can hamper the cybersecurity of that company. Each and every company should be aware of the hackers so that the company’s name may not be tarnished. Office security must be followed with great care to prevent cybercrime inside the office. Thus, in order to secure the companies, certain rules and regulations should be there.

Radar360, tracker software helps to monitor each and every employee’s activities so that the owner will easily understand which employee is doing what and can take the necessary action.

How to get Employees Daily Activity Report by Email for Business Productivity?

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Employees Daily Activity Reports enables the owner to have a look at how the project given to a particular team is progressing. Daily reports are much more time consuming than having a daily conversation with the employees about the project. It also helps in finding how much tasks are done by the employees so that new tasks can be distributed among them. Radar360, employee activity software that helps in checking daily activities by the employees. It is tracker software that helps in getting automatic mail-in owner inbox to learn about the work or unethical activities done by the employees.

Daily activity reports watch the day-to-day performance of an employee that helps in monitoring whether the project is complete on the basis of a plan or in progress. It is a cybersecurity product that helps in monitoring if some work is going smoothly or if there are certain factors that can affect office security. Radar360 is an employee tracker, which monitors and records each and every activity by the employees. An owner can check the recordings of the employees later in his free time. Using these reports an owner watch how the employees manage his/her tasks and time.

Lastly, daily reports activity reports serve as the basis for employee performance evaluation at the end of each term.

How to register files and folders used by the employees to stop cyber crime?

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Hacking or deleting of files and folders in today’s world has become common in every company. To avoid cybercrime in the office every employee’s activities need to be recorded. By using Radar360, an employee monitoring software, one can get detailed reports about applications, files, folders and all the data used by the employees. It also helps in getting the information about the employees such as the exact time, exact date and the user or employee name who is using that system. Nowadays, the computer has become an integral part of every company and without it, nothing can be done.

To secure the data or contents in an organization is very important that needs to be done, especially when the data stored is full of important documents and files. There is a chance of data theft and file theft as every computer is handling by an employee or user. Radar 360, tracker software that checks the reports which are very important for checking the work productivity of an employee. It is an anti-hacking tool that helps to easily understand if employees are uploading, deleting, tampering, copying or transferring important files or folders or accounts, data and important emails and confidential in formations of company.

Office security has become very important nowadays. The tool Radar 360 not only helps to secure data from prying eyes that are trying to access the important data but also keeps it safe from various malicious attacks. In this way, one can maintain cybersecurity inside an office.


How To Stop Employees Doing Cyber Crime in Office?

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Nowadays, cybersecurity is becoming compulsory in every company to prevent cybercrime. Cyber Crime is now becoming popular, not only from outside, in the form of intellectual property theft, unauthorized access to data but from inside in the form of employees use computer access to commit fraud in the office. Office security has now become necessary in each and every company, no matter small or big.  Radar 360  tracking software helps to eliminate cybercrime inside the office, as its reports are so professional that it can be used as evidence when required.  

Cyber Crime should be prevented by using employee activity monitoring software that will help the company or organization make a profit which results in the company’s good reputation. So many companies today depend upon a computer to transfer data, allow employees to transfer data and many other things. The company should take strict actions against the employees so that they cannot hack any data to prevent cybercrime. Radar 360 is an employee trackingrecording and capturing software that says how to prevent cybercrime.

Cybercrime nowadays has become a big threat in each and every sector. It is committed either by an individual or a small group. However, in the last few years, computer experts and internet controllers have now recognized what type and characteristics crimes are there and how to prevent them.  To prevent legal proceeding of any company, cybercrime should be stopped immediately to save your company from loss.

How Website Visited Registration with Restrictions Help to grow business?

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Nowadays, employee monitoring activity software is becoming a trend in all organizations and companies. Cybersecurity is a major problem for all companies. Cybercrimes are occurring rapidly inside an organization or company due to which many company’s reputations are becoming a question. The employees visit many websites related to office works and also not related to office works. To restrict the website visitors that are not related to office works there is software through which the website can be blocked so that employees cannot visit those sites that are not related. Software like Radar 360 which captures records and monitors details of websites visited by employees.

There were certain times when blocking certain websites were possible inside office premises. But nowadays this website blocking has become regular and compulsory in all organizations and companies. Certain sites like Facebook, Instagram have nowadays become business sites were the information of any product or services are shared to make a profit.  Sites like youtube have also become an information-sharing platform visually. Sites like gambling sites, porn sites, and other cybercrime or illegal sites should be blocked so that no employees can access it during working hours.

Office security should be always there inside the office so that for some employees the company shouldn’t go under loss. Radar 360 a tracker software is an anti-hacking tool that allows blocking websites to stop employees using illegal and cybercrime sites using the internet. It’s now easy to stop employees visiting gaming sites, musing sites, movies and chatting during office hours. By using website blocking software a word also can be blocked from the search engine at a particular interval of time. It can also help you to protect certain websites from your kids to visit it.